The world is your oyster.

But first, let's answer your questions.

Your head is swirling with ideas.

...Maybe you want to be a travelpreneur with your own social media services business.

...Maybe you're itching to start your own freelance business.

...Maybe your clients are already on Instagram, 
but you don’t know how to turn their scrolling into paid work.

You want to take that next step, but are just plain stuck. 

You're constantly in a state of "analysis paralysis"
 Cookie-cutter advice isn't giving you what you need
You're asking your friends, but they don't really get it

Boarding Pass is a one-off, customized strategy session to answer your most burning questions about being a freelancer, social media marketer, Instagrammer or entrepreneur.

What life is like after Boarding Pass:
Strategy, an action plan and clarity. Boom.

All your lingering questions answered by someone who's been there, done that.

The confidence to take the next step, with guidance along the way.

If Instagram is your focus, we'll get your marketing funnel set up.

Your investment?
1  payment of $199.

What happens after you click the buy button:
You pay, schedule, and lock in your spot.

You get a confirmation in your email within 24 hours.

We meet online and begin your jam-packed session!

What you get:
1 x 60 minute 1:1 call

A 3-page custom plan

This pricing won't last forever.
1 payment of $199.

What we cover together:
1. Pre-call: send me your top 5 topics or questions you'd love to cover in the 60-minute call.

2. Call: We go through all your questions and aim to cover each as in-depth as we can, depending on your priorities and focus. It's your choice and what will help you the most!

3. Post-call: I send you a document that covers the salient points of our call, including any further relevant information and action steps for you to take.

Who I am:
Hey! I'm Elise, founder of Canupy – an international marketing agency. I've been running my business (profitably) and traveling the world for the past few years. I'm known for my business smarts and savvy when it comes to building a business for the travelpreneur, and growing a brand on Instagram that attracts perfect clients.

Into it? Grab my intro pricing.
1 payment of $199.

What do I need to do this?
Persistence, and access to the internet for our call.

What if I don't have a business idea? 
That's okay! We can start from wherever you are. If you don't have a business idea, we'll cover your strengths and skills to find a service-based business idea that you can test out.

If you're interested in a longer-term coaching program to grow your freelance business, check out Mind The Gap.

What if I want to learn how to run my own social media services business?
Perfect! I'm here to share with you what I've learned by running my own service-based business, Canupy, and help you get there faster than by figuring it on your own! 

If you're interested in a longer-term coaching program to run your own social media services business, check out Full-Time Flyer

What if I don’t have an Instagram account?
No problem – we'll start you from the very beginning and get you set up on the right foundation.

What’s the refund policy?
No refunds given since this is service-based work. 

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, click the big yellow button and it’ll take you to Satori which offers a payment plan.

1 payment of $199.