Where in the world... 
will you travel to with your 
social media business in hand?

You're here because you're ready for an adventure. 
You want to travel the world with your own profitable social media services biz...
so that you can work from wherever. 

But, reality is looking a little more like this...
You're stuck in your day job because you can't lose that steady income
You have no idea where to start to get your first client
You know social media, but don't know how to prove value to clients
A website, bookkeeping, taxes, marketing your own business... whaa?

Full-Time Flyer is a 4-month, one-to-one coaching program that focuses on setting up your social media services business from the ground up.

...So that you can travel with a full-time income, while delivering services that genuinely help your clients succeed.

What life is like after:
You travel to Florence (finally!) and stay there for 3 months.

Your clients are overjoyed by your work and feel well cared for.

You live off your big fat paycheck and experience life as it should be in Malaysia, Thailand and Bali.

You get to live like a retiree, but with better income and hip flexibility.

Your investment?
4 monthly payments of $775.

Quit Her 9-5 To Be A Travelpreneur

"Elisa Darma was incredibly helpful in getting me started with my consulting business. Instead of aiming to be a full-time travel blogger, I instead became a traveling entrepreneur – a travelpreneur – as the amazing Elise Darma calls it. 

Now, a portion of my income does come from blogging, but the vast majority comes from the social media consulting services that I offer my clients. And because the social media consulting I do is entirely remote, I can work from anywhere I want and live my desired lifestyle of location independence."
- Christina Galbato, The Bold Brunette

What happens after you click the buy button:
You pay, schedule, and lock in your spot.

You get a confirmation in your email within 24 hours.

We meet online and begin your new adventure!

What you get:
16 x 45 minute one-on-one calls.

16 email coaching sessions.

This pricing won't last forever.
4 monthly payments of $775.

What we cover together:
Month 1 - Foundations
We'll analyze where your best skills lie, cover any social media trainings necessary, and begin to create the foundations of your service business with a website and brand.

Month 2 - Testing + Backend
We'll launch a plan for you to offer and test your services – so that you can start making income ASAP! And, we'll set up the backend of your business, including bookkeeping, proposals and invoicing. 

Month 3 - Marketing + Launch
We'll finalize your website, brand, marketing funnels, and email communications with your potential clients. And we'll officially launch your new business with confidence (and travel in the near future).

Month 4 - Growth
We'll fill in any holes in the backend of your business, get your Instagram client funnel up and running, improve your client processes, and handle any questions about offering effective social media services. 

Who I am:
Hey! I'm Elise, founder of Canupy – an international marketing agency. I've been running my business (profitably) and traveling the world for the past few years. I'm known for my business smarts and savvy when it comes to building a business for the travelpreneur, and booking out those freelancing spots.

Into it? Grab my intro pricing.
4 monthly payments of $775.

What do I need to do this?
Persistence, and access to the internet for our calls and starting your freelance business. 

What do I get by signing up for Full-Time Flyer?
For four months, you get a 45-minute weekly call with me where we create a customized social media services business for you, as well as a weekly email coaching session. This is handy if you get stuck on your homework in between our calls.

What if I don’t call myself an expert in social media?
Depending on your skill levels, we'll cover social media training in our weekly calls.

What’s the refund policy?
No refunds given since this is service-based work. 

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, click the big yellow button and it’ll take you to Satori which offers a payment plan.

I'm considering Full-Time Flyer, but can I ask you a question first? 
Yes, of course! Send me a message here

4 monthly payments of $775.