Your cubicle is plastered with photos of Malaysia, Peru, Portugal, and Egypt... 

BUT your vacation is only a week long.

You want to get paid *and* see the sights.

You need freelancing clients (and the push) to get a stable, profitable business started.

Mind The Gap is a 4-month, one-to-one coaching package that focuses on creating your freelancing business plan and securing your first client.

What life is like after Mind The Gap:
Your bank account has a deposit from your first freelancing client in it!

You skip happily into your cubicle because you know how you’re going to escape.

You start pitching clients with a big smile on your face cuz you know what you’re doing. 

You begin researching tropical destinations because you’re on your way to profitable freedom!

What we cover in Mind The Gap:
Month 1 - Identifying your profitable freelancing career. 
We dig deep into your work history, experience and passions
We strategize the best freelancing business for your skill set
We plan the schedule and lifestyle you wanna have
We define your perfect client and test out where to find them

Month 2 - Creating offers and pitches that get you booked.
We test and craft the services you'll offer
We create the contracts and proposals you'll use
We set up your business for bookkeeping success
We get your name, brand and online presence set up

Month 3 - Getting your business out into the world.
We introduce your new online biz to your warm network
We find clients on Instagram and other social media platforms
We optimize your website to bring in leads
We develop a sales funnel

Month 4 - Your first clients and growing your biz.
We set up the tools and platforms you'll need to stay efficient and organized
We cover sales processes and techniques to closing clients
We set up your client on-boarding process
We continue to build your network and client leads

What you get:
8 x 45 minute biweekly one-on-one calls.

16 email weekly coaching sessions.

Your investment:
4 monthly payments of $499.

What happens after you click the yellow button:
You pay, schedule, and lock in your spot.

You get a confirmation in your email within 24 hours.

We meet via Zoom and begin your new adventure!

Who am I?
Hey, I'm Elise, founder of Canupy – an international marketing agency. I've been running my business (profitably) and traveling the world for the past few years. I'm known for my business smarts and savvy when it comes to building a business for the travelpreneur, and booking out those freelancing spots.

Grab the intro pricing.
4 monthly payments of $499.

What do I need to do this?
Persistence, and access to the internet for our calls and starting your freelance business. 

What if I don’t have a specialty?
I’m sure you do! That's exactly what we'll cover in our first month together.

What’s the refund policy?
No refunds given since this is service-based work. 

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, click the big yellow button and it’ll take you to Satori which offers a payment plan.

I'm interested, but can I ask you a question first?
For sure! Send me your question here.

This pricing won't last forever.
4 monthly payments of $499.

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